Tension soars over breakaway Moldova region

STORY: Ukraine accused Russia on Tuesday of trying to drag Moldova's breakaway region of Transdniestria into the war.

That's after authorities in the Moscow-backed area, which borders western Ukraine, blamed Kyiv for a series of attacks.

They said explosions had damaged two radio masts that broadcast in Russian, and that one of its military units had been targeted.

Ukraine insists Russia is behind the attacks.

Moldova's President called an emergency security council meeting after the incident.

"Our analysis indicates there are tensions between different forces within the region, who are interested in destabilising the situation. This makes the region of Transdniestria vulnerable and creates risks for Moldova."

Transdniestria is an unrecognised sliver of land bordering southwestern Ukraine.

Ukraine fears the region could be used as a launch pad for new attacks.

Russia has had troops permanently based there since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Last week, a senior Russian commander said the second phase of what Russia calls its "special military operation" included a plan to take full control of southern Ukraine and improve its access to Transdniestria.