The Terminal In Strip District Has New Tenant

The Terminal in the Strip District has added a new tenant. KDKA's Paul Martino has more.

Video Transcript

- The terminal in the strip district has added a new tenant, Postman Bookstore is now moving in. It will also include an ice cream shop. Paul Martino checked in on the progress of the new development and if it is affecting long standing businesses on nearby Penn Avenue.

PAUL MARTINO: It's taken years to convert this historic produce terminal into a commercial district. Tenants are finally moving in. But what about those fears by Penn Avenue merchants that it could hurt their business? Turns out those fears could be unfounded. A new bookstore will become neighbors with a state liquor store, an indoor golf facility, and more here at the terminal in the strip. It was once feared the terminal would somehow compete with and change the nature of the homegrown businesses that line Penn Avenue in the strip. But a man who was part of a group of concerned business owners now says maybe not.

JIM COEN: The more stores that are over there, the more people are going to come down here and we want that project over there to keep moving forward, keep working.

PAUL MARTINO: But Jimmy Coen, who owns three stores in the strip, says there has been one big complaint-- the parking. The terminal provided several new spaces, but it's back in only. Today we found many drivers ignored the signs and drove straight in.

CAMERON BARGAS: pretty dumb, because I'm not going to back in, because then I'd have to turn around, and it pulls-- it's clearly something that you should probably pull in.

PAUL MARTINO: But we found that if you don't back into the space, it's even more awkward to leave and back into traffic.

CAMERON BARGAS: don't know. I haven't tried it yet.

PAUL MARTINO: The other parking gripe is you have to have Pittsburgh's parking app to pay for parking and avoid a ticket. Even so, the historic strip on Penn Avenue appears resilient enough to withstand any challenges.

JIM COEN: Penn Avenue-- we have not had one business go out of business because of COVID, and you can't really say that anywhere in the country.

PAUL MARTINO: As I said, it's taken years to finish this project here at the produce terminal, and it may be years more before we know its final impact. In the strip district, Paul Martino, KDKA News.