Terminally ill Canadian teen urges get out the vote

Terminally ill Canadian teen urges get out the vote

Ottawa (AFP) - A terminally ill teen who cast a ballot in her first Canadian federal election from her hospital bed is imploring others to also vote.

"This is my last chance to make a difference," Maddison Yetman, 18, said in a video posted on social media after learning she had just weeks or months to live.

"Please share this with your network and get out and vote!"

Her uncle Brent Williamson helped her make the 39-second video, which has gone viral with more than 528,000 views including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who thanked her in a Twitter message for "inspiring Canadians" and "reminding us how precious a vote is."

Williamson told the daily Winnipeg Free Press that the 18-year-old had been politically active throughout her teens and had very much looked forward to participating in the October 21 elections.

"From junior high on, she really had strong political views and made sure everyone in her life knew what they were," he said.

During a visit to the hospital for aches and strange bruising on October 6 she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Within hours, she could no longer walk.

Undeterred, she voted over the weekend in early polling arranged for patients of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre.

Afterward, she flipped through hand-written signs in the video posted to Twitter.

"Dispite (sic) being bed-ridden & having very limited time, I still managed to submit my 1st ever federal vote," read one of the signs.

Only at the end did she speak, urging: "If I can find the time to vote, you can find the time."