The Tern HSD cargo bike is updated for greater capacity with no less flexibilty

This article originally appeared on Velo News

Most cargo bikes are unwieldy, taking up plenty of space and requiring dedicated storage to fit into everyday life. Tern bikes are a bit different, with a far more compact size that makes them that much easier to integrate into your life, just with capacity and capability that dwarfed their comparatively diminutive size.

Tern has released an update to their HSD electric cargo bike, though it is more a refinement of the formula rather than a serious overhaul. The formula? Make something that can be best described as flexible, and make it even more so.

The Tern HSD itself is very compact in size and shape compared to other cargo bikes, with an overall wheelbase similar to a standard commuter bike. Much of that comes from its dual 20-inch wheels. Doing so not only allows for a shorter overall length but provides greater maneuverability and a lower standover height that makes it easy to load and unload gear and passengers.

Tern HSD v2 cargo bike - storage

Further, the bike was remarkably compact for storage: besides the smaller wheels, the bike could be parked vertically for easier storage. Fold the bars down and drop the seat post and you'd have an even more compact bike in storage.

The HSD follows that same formula: 20-inch wheels, an overall length that is roughly the same as a standard bike, but an increased carrying capacity of 397 lbs (180 kg). Think up to 176 lb (80 kg) on the rear rack for gear or people, up to 44 lbs (20 kg) with an optional cargo rack, and a max rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kg).

Much of that comes from increased stiffness from the frame; Tern quotes a 15 percent stiffness increase at the headtube and a 39 percent increased stiffness at the bottom bracket. Visually, much of that seems to come from a much more burly strut going from the seat tube to the downtube.

Tern HSD v2 cargo bike - rear rack

There are a number of new accessories introduced with the updated HSD, including an updated Captain's Chair that allows for big kids and adults alike to ride along. All current HSD accessories are compatible with this second-generation HSD, including the Cache Box for in-bike storage.

All Tern HSD models come with a Bosch Performance drive unit that offers up to 75 Nm torque and a range between 32 and 76 miles. This is up to 50 percent more torque than the previous HSD bikes, All models also come with the new Bosch Smart System, which allows for electronic locking and unlocking, location tracking, and firmware updates as well as front and rear lights hardwired into the Bosch drive system.

As reported by Bicycle Retailer, the Tern HSD should start to be available in North America starting this fall, with Europe availability this summer.

How will it compare to the previous HSD? Stay tuned; we've requested a sample for review.

Learn more about the second-generation HSD at

Tern HSD v2 cargo bike - toptube charger
In addition to removing the battery to charge the bike, the HSD has a plug right at the top tube for ease of use. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD cargo bike handlebar
The handlebar setup of the HSD. All bikes come with Bosch head units. Look just below the handlebars to see the locking mechanism that allows the handlebars to be folded over in storage. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD cargo bike Bosch motor
All HSD models feature a Bosch Performance mid-drive unit with 75 Nm max torque. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD v2 cargo bike - lifestyle
The HSD is offered with myriad accessory options to dial in the bike to your use case. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD S11 dune cargo bike -
The Tern HSD S11 shown in the ‘Dune’ colorway. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD S00 dark blue cargo bike -
The Tern HSD S00 shown in the ‘Dark Blue’ colorway. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD P5i dragonfruit cargo bike -
The Tern HSD P5i is available in two colors; here is the ‘Dragonfruit’ colorway. (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD P5i sea breeze cargo bike -
And here’s the Tern HSD P5i in the ‘Sea Breeze’ colorway.
Tern HSD P10 orange cargo bike -
The Tern HSD P10 show in ‘Orange.’ (Image: Tern Bicycles)
Tern HSD P10 satin black cargo bike -
The Tern HSD P10 in the ‘Satin Black’ colorway. (Image: Tern Bicycles)

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