Terps: New Home For Maryland Football

Five years and $149 million later, The Jones-Hill House, home of Maryland football is finally here.

Video Transcript

- Well Maryland football is now stronger than ever, and they are finally able to show off their brand new state of the art facility.

- Max McGee shows us this maybe the changing of the guard and the Big Ten.

MAX MCGEE: Five years and $149 million later, this is the Jones-Hill House, home of Maryland football. The Big Ten Conference is now looking over its shoulders, the Maryland Terrapins are taking the next step towards greatness. 126 individual lockers, a sports medicine area-- three times the size of the gosset football team house, two full-length grass fields. This place has everything, 24,000 square feet, we're talking about from weights to perch video technology on their squat racks, and then check it out behind us-- 40 yards of Astroturf so those players can work on their speed training to get ready for the first game of the year.

MIKE LOCKSLEY: As I told our team, this is an investment that they made on us, and that as a team, this building shows excellence which sets a standard.

MAX MCGEE: Cooled tubs or a thing of the past, here are 245 foot plunge pools for cooling and recovery before you step out. Remember the players of years past. The facility is named after Billy Jones who broke the color barrier for Terps basketball, and Darryl Hill who was the first Black student athlete to play football at Maryland.

DAMON EVANS: This is a point of pride, we talk about inspiring Maryland pride-- this inspires pride.

MAX MCGEE: Pride that also shows their fun side, custom pool tables, a barbershop that turns into a DJ station and recording studio. It's a message set from the Terrapins in the recruiting battle for the area's best, this place certainly doesn't hurt. Right now this place is a game changer. We'll start to see the fruits of their labor come to fruition in terms of their investment, September 4, first the West Virginia Mountaineers and College Park. I'm Max McGee for WJZ.