Terre Haute native J.T. Kelly releases sixth novel in mystery series

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May 17—John "J.T." Kelly hasn't slowed his prolific pace of novel writing.

The Terre Haute native and current Indianapolis author has released his sixth novel in a suspense series. The latest, "Missing Memories," "takes readers on an emotional roller coaster experience they'll never forget," according to a news release.

Kelly began writing his novels at the age of 70. Certainly not the time to begin a new career for most people but now, three years later, there are six books in his international thriller series.

Each of the books begins in the Lake Maxinkuckee area, where the McCabes own a cottage. Because of unforeseen crimes, the stories expand to Europe and involve a familiar cast of seasoned Interpol officers.

Like the McCabes, Kelly's family began going to Lake Maxinkuckee next to Culver, Indiana, in the late 1940s, where rich memories flourished. At Notre Dame, Kelly's year abroad to Rome, Italy, allowed him to travel extensively, providing a backdrop for his vivid stories.

In "Missing Memories," prior to Jack and Sara McCabe's marriage, Jack discovered a letter from his grandfather. In it, he learned about his parents' skiing trip to Austria where they mysteriously died. Stunned by this revelation, he and Sara flew to Innsbruck to investigate.

The cold-case files had been sealed at a local police station. When the couple opened the documents, they discovered the cables supporting the gondola his parents were in were hit by long-range rifle bullets. The couple plunged to the rocky terrain below, instantly ending their lives.

Seventeen years later, Sara surprised her husband with an amazing birthday gift. She arranged a family skiing trip to the Alps. Jack was thrilled, but he tried to bury the brutal memories of his parents' murders.

Could something sinister occur to Jack's family again?

One early reader wrote, according to the news release, "'Missing Memories' was so good! I cried at the end, with happy tears. Isn't that a sign of a great book?"

More information is available through Kelly's website at www.kellyfairways.us. It includes links to his books on Amazon and reader review opportunities.