Terror on United Airlines flight as bomb threat note discovered in bathroom

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An investigation is underway after a bomb threat was left on a note in the bathroom of a United Airlines flight heading to Vermont.

Police say that the threat was made onboard United Airlines flight 3613, which took off from Newark, New Jersey on Sunday afternoon and was bound for Burlington, Vermont.

Twenty minutes before the flight landed, the pilot was told that the threat had been found inside the bathroom of the plane.

The pilot notified Air Traffic Control and an emergency response was initiated at the airport, which was closed for several hours.

When the flight landed at the airport it was taken to a specific area of the airfield and passengers were kept onboard for around two hours, according to NBC5.

After K-9 units were brought onboard the plane to sweep it, passengers were allowed to get off but were not permitted to bring any personal items with them.

“It feels unfair on one hand that someone left a note and ruined everyone’s days. Obviously someone a little deranged. On the other hand, authorities here handled everything perfectly and at no time did I feel unsafe,” passenger Phil Baruth told the channel.

Police said that no credible threat was found and the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“What we have here is a safe group of people. We have a safe plane. We have a safe airport. We have procedures that were followed and we have a successful outcome,” Jon Murad, acting chief at the Burlington Police Dept, said.