Terry Collins on Matt Harvey in Game 5 of 2015 World Series | Baseball Night in NY

On BNNY, Terry Collins remembers the conversation he had with Matt Harvey after the 8th inning in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series. Terry also explains how Harvey abandoned his innings limits after a shortened start against the Yankees. Watch more Baseball Night in NY: https://sny.tv/shows/baseball-night-in-ny About Baseball Night in New York: On Baseball Night in New York, host Doug Williams is joined by a cast of leading New York baseball writers and other experts to discuss the latest off-season news involving the New York Mets, Yankees, and key division rivals. About SNY: SNY is an award winning, multiplatform regional sports network serving millions across the country through unparalleled coverage of all things New York sports. SNY delivers the most comprehensive access to all of the Tri-State area's professional and collegiate sports teams through nightly sports and entertainment programs. SNY.tv is the "go-to" digital communal home for New York sports fans to get succinct, easy-to-read updates, video highlights and features, recaps, news, opinion, rumors, insight and fan reaction on their favorite New York sports teams. Check out more from SNY at https://sny.tv ​ Subscribe to SNY on YouTube: https://on.sny.tv/S5RYeWN Like SNY on Facebook: https://on.sny.tv/rBYAHLi​ Follow SNY on Twitter: https://on.sny.tv/nOn1uq1 ​ Follow SNY on Instagram: https://on.sny.tv/lEArPVp

Video Transcript

TERRY COLLINS: I'll tell you exactly the conversation was Matt came off. Of course, you've got 45,000 people chanting his name. And-- and I had already made the decision. I was going to go to [INAUDIBLE]. And he walked down to me. He goes, this is my night. This is my game. I can do this. You've got to let me go out there. And I said, you know what, I've been waiting for this forever. I've been waiting for you-- for you to say, hey, I want the baseball. Send me out there.

And I love that. I love players who, you know, believe in themselves. You know, you talk to him all the time about, hey, look, you've got to believe in who you are, your stuff. And here he is, you know, in the dugout saying this. And I said, you know what, you're right. [INAUDIBLE], go get them. And, you know what, it obviously didn't work out. But-- you know what, at that particular time, I loved his-- I love that-- that competitiveness that he showed in the dugout.

- And 2015, Terry, from our advantage point was such an adventure with Harvey. We were talking all about the innings. And then, of course, he pitched so many deep into the postseason, into Game 5 in the World Series. What did you see him go through during that period where you wanted to see that competitiveness that you finally witnessed in game 5 but you also knew how important his future was to him?

TERRY COLLINS: Well, you know, it was a tough season. Because when we started-- before we started, he was, you know-- we were raving about this rotation, Harvey, Syndergaard, DeGrom, Ma-- I mean, Matt and Bartolo. So we-- we knew that we had issues with pitch, you know, uh, innings pitched for all those guys, except for really Bartolo. So there was a time during the summer where hey, look, we were going to have to limit innings.

So I talked to those guys one day in Pittsburgh about going to a six man rotation. And Matt Harvey is the only guy who said, I don't want to do that. I want the ball every five days. Then wasn't long after that where it came out through Scott Boras. And hey, look, Matt's not going to pitch that much. And that's where all of a sudden things had to change.

And so we try to make some adaptations as we went through the and towards the end of the year. In the end, he pitched the game against the Yankees and Citi Field. He pitched five innings through pretty good. Came in my office the next day and he said, I'm done with this. I want the baseball, let me pitch. And so all of a sudden, I saw that energy, that competitiveness. The guy that dark night showed up that night. Hey, look, I'm the guy here. And that's why-- that's why at the end of the season I think he pitched like as good as he could.