Tesla drivers on the hook for 'app' parking accidents

It's one of the perks of Tesla's cutting-edge driverless technology...

using your phone to summon your car from a parking spot.

But who's on the hook if there's a crash, if no one is behind the wheel?

Your car. Your crash. You're liable.

At least that's what lawyers are saying after a number of videos have popped up showing cars running Smart Summon, Tesla's new software, in a number of near misses.

But if the accidents pile up - insurance industry experts expect Tesla to be dragged into legal fights.

Right now repairs for any dings or scratches should go through a driver's traditional insurance policy, according to one lawyer who represents automotive suppliers in disputes about safety and autonomous car technology.

But an argument could be made that if it was Tesla's software at fault, not the car owner.. then this lawyer sees the day when drivers could potentially ban together for a class action lawsuit seeking damages from Tesla.

The videos highlight the shifting landscape in the world of auto insurance and accident blame as more automakers look to automate functions like parallel parking, steering, and accident avoidance - which used to be solely the responsibility of the driver.

Now legal experts say the insurance industry and the law have to catch up.

As for those videos of Tesla near-misses that people may find comical, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration isn't laughing. It has started looking into the incidents.