Tesla hires in China, despite Musk jobs warning

STORY: Only days ago Elon Musk warned that Tesla was overstaffed in some areas.

But on Thursday (June 9) the electric car maker was pressing ahead with hiring in China.

It was holding an event to find workers for “smart manufacturing” roles.

The company has over 200 openings in China in that field, adding two dozen just on Thursday.

Its Shanghai plant makes Model 3 and Model Y cars for domestic sale and export.

China now accounts for a quarter of total income for the firm.

But the job postings will add to confusion over employment at Tesla.

Last week Musk said he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy, and wanted to cut staffing by 10%.

But he then backtracked over the weekend, saying headcount would actually increase over the coming year.

He didn’t comment specifically on staffing in China.

However, last month Musk compared Chinese workers favourably to U.S. counterparts, saying they were more willing to work hard.