Tesla to host town hall event near Brandenburg plant on Sunday

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Tesla will launch an open-door event on Sunday for its workers to inform local residents about the progress and environmental footprint at its German gigafactory in Gruenheide, according to the municipality's official website.

At the town hall event, to run from 1000-1700 CET, residents will be able to talk to Tesla employees and get information on water consumption as well as environmental and water protection at the plant, located in the German state of Brandenburg.

Other topics include the plant's impact on road and rail infrastructure and transport, forest conversion, battery cell production, works council as well as Tesla's role as a local employer.

The event, which is being held around six months after the plant's official opening, aims to appeal to families and includes activities for kids as well as opportunities to test drive Tesla cars.

(Reporting by Christoph Steitz; Editing by Mark Porter)