Tesla Model S Gets an Adorably Weird Anime Makeover in Japan

Zach Doell
shimajiro tesla model s weird anime photo
shimajiro tesla model s weird anime photo

The Tesla Model S isn’t your conventional sports sedan. In fact, with a whopping 691 horsepower in its unrestrained P85D form, it practically blows everything else out of the water. This Tesla is even less conventional than the lot. As you’ve surely noticed, it looks more like a cartoon than an actual car.

Filmed by YouTube user BusanKevin outside of a building in Kobe, Japan, this smiley Model S has been treated to a rather elaborate anime makeover, giving it the likeness of popular Japanese children’s TV character Shimajiro, a playful tiger cub. The car was on scene to complement a live performance featuring Shimajiro, hence all the cute posing kids in the video. Take a look.

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Japan’s favorite tiger cub originally hit the airwaves in 1988 as part of the Kodomo Challenge, a Japanese educational program, but the wildly popular tiger got his own anime series in 1993. That program, Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro, would go on to air for a stunning 15 years and even spawned sequels of its own.

In a world where hardened and track-tested cars tend to snatch the limelight, this cutesy Model S is a welcome diversion. The wheels don vibrant yellow hubcaps to complement Shimajiro’s striped body, and around back there’s even a tail! We suspect that won’t do much for the Tesla’s range however… though it is adorable.

What cartoon character do you want to see get turned into a car?

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