Tesla Powerwalls May Be Used For Virtual Power Plant In Hawaii: Report

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Tesla Inc's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Powerwall is a home battery that has proven quite popular for homeowners and also in industrial applications. It can be used to store excess solar energy, and then be used to power homes or businesses in case of a power outage.

Tesla is now getting a new customer for its Powerwall.

Swell Energy in Hawaii is expected to use Tesla Powerwalls for a new virtual powerplant project, according to Electrek. A project like this will use the batteries as an energy storage and distribution center, while linking together many small energy generating stations, like residential solar installs.

One of the largest installs of this type was done when Tesla made a deal with the Australian government for an installation involving up to 50,000 homes.

Swell Energy announced it reached an agreement with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission for a new $25 million virtual power plant project. While Swell Energy has not yet announced who it's partnering with, it has used Tesla's Powerwalls in the past, so it's likely they will continue using Tesla in the future.

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