Tesla to roll out improved self-driving tech

Tesla says it will roll out significantly improved self-driving technology in the next few weeks.

The news came in a series of Tweets from boss Elon Musk on Wednesday (May 12).

He says subscriptions for the new software will be offered within a month.

Tesla has offered what it calls a beta version of its full self-driving function to some employees and customers since October.

But last week it told California regulators that it might not achieve fully autonomous driving capability this year.

Musk's tweets also promise that the firm's "Smart Summon" feature will be available in Europe before 2021 ends.

That allows owners to summon their vehicles in parking lots using a phone app.

The feature is already available in the U.S.

However, the firm's latest promises come amid growing scrutiny of Tesla technology following some recent crashes.

Two people in a Model S sedan were killed in one incident last month in Texas.

Whether the car was being driven by a human, or driving itself, was a matter of dispute following the crash.

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