Tesla set to furlough workers and cut salaries

Elon Musk's Tesla told employees on Tuesday (April 8) the company will furlough all non-essential workers and start implementing salary cuts.

It's part a continued shutdown of Tesla's U.S. production facilities.

Tesla says they plan to resume normal operations on May 4.

That's according to an email sent by the company's in-house lawyers which was seen by Reuters.

It joins a long list of automakers which have also been forced to furlough U.S. workers as demand for cars plummets.

The suspension interrupts Tesla's plans to ramp up production of its Model Y sport utility vehicle.

According to Musk, demand for the Model Y was expected to top all of Tesla's other models combined.

Tesla said in late March they have enough cash flow to successfully navigate the upcoming period of uncertainty.

But for now, pay for salaried Tesla employees will be reduced starting April 13, and cuts will remain in place until the end of the second quarter.