A Tesla speeding about 100 mph hits several parked cars, then slams into a Broward home

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A speeding Tesla ripped through a South Florida neighborhood early Saturday morning.

The aftermath: a damaged house and several parked cars and some trees in the 6500 block of Miramar Parkway, near Southwest 65th Avenue.

According to Sgt. Oscar Mendoza of the Miramar Police Department, the crash happened around 4:20 a.m. The “Tesla drove off the road, hitting several parked cars and a house,” he said.

The force of the crash lifted a pickup truck from where it was parked in front of the house.

The driver was injured and taken to Memorial Regional Hospital. The house, Mendoza said, is currently not safe to occupy. There are no details on how many people were inside the home at the time, but there are no reported injuries except for the driver.

According to WPLG Local 10, neighbors who saw the Tesla speed by on their Ring surveillance cameras described the image as akin to “a flash of light” given how fast the car was driving. Estimates suggest the dark-colored Tesla was going over 100 mph but Miramar police are still investigating the crash.

The scene is clear and not affecting traffic.