Tesla's made-in-China auto sales hit a record

Tesla has hit a new milestone in China.

The electric car maker sold a record 56,006 China-made autos in September - that's the highest since Tesla started production in Shanghai two years ago, according to data released Tuesday by the China Passenger Car Association.

September's sale figure, which includes Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utilities produced in China, was a more than 26 percent jump from August.

It shows how vast the lead Tesla has in China compared to local rivals. Chinese EV makers Nio and Xpeng each delivered over 10,000 vehicles last month.

The release of Tesla's Chinese production and sales numbers come ahead of the company's quarterly results due next week.

Tesla has had to raise prices on its vehicles due to the global supply crunch, which has pushed component prices higher.

Wall Street is looking for overall sales of more than 13 billion dollars and earnings of 1.49 per share, after posting a record profit last quarter.

Shares of Tesla are up more than 12 percent so far this year.

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