Tesla's Musk in Germany amid energy market push

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was at a Berlin estate Wednesday, where a short while later, Chancellor Angela Merkel was also seen arriving.

It was not clear whether the two met.

Though inside, Musk did meet with the German economy and science ministers.

This as the electric carmaker CEO appears to be opening a new front in the European battle for electric car supremacy.

Tesla recently acquired a license that will enable it to trade electricity across western Europe.

The company has also been surveying customers in Germany about potentially using Tesla electricity in their cars.

Such moves, consultants and energy industry executives say, could set the stage for the company - possibly with one or more partners - to take on established utilities in Germany, Europe’s biggest power market and autos heartland.

Tesla is also building an electric car plant outside Berlin, its first European factory and design center - giving the U.S. electric carmaker the coveted "Made in Germany" label as local rivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes prepare to launch competing cars.