I Tested and Loved This Premium Smart Scale, and It’s Just $66 for Black Friday Weekend

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For Black Friday, one of my favorite premium smart scales is on sale, and this is your chance to score a 30% discount on the SPY-tested Withings Body+.

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There’s a smart version for everything these days, from smart couches to smart TVs. Scales are no exception. People are ditching old bathroom scales for upgraded smart versions that track health metrics and track progress. We tested and reviewed the best smart scales of 2022 and one of our favorite smart scales is on major sale for Black Friday. You can now you can track health metrics and work toward all your health and fitness goals for just $66 with the Withings Body+ — if you hit that “Add To Cart” button before Black Friday ends, that is.

Withings is a premier brand in the health product space. In addition to making the best smart scales, the brand also makes a sleep tracking pad that we named one of the best sleep trackers. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on a Withings health product, now is your chance.

Deal: Withings Body+ Smart Scale on Sale for Black Friday
Deal: Withings Body+ Smart Scale on Sale for Black Friday

Withings Body+ Smart Scale

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What We Love About the Withings Body+ Smart Scale

The Withings Body+ smart scale includes tons of smart features. It measures nearly all of the same health metrics as its more expensive counterpart, the Withings Body Cardio, for half the price.

We wanted to see how the Withings Body+ scale stacked up against the competition (you can literally see it stacked with the competition below), and we were impressed. With the new 30% discount, this smart scale is even more attractive.

stack of three smart scales against blue background
stack of three smart scales against blue background

During testing, our favorite feature of this Withings smart scale was the Health Mate app. The app was the most supportive, comprehensive app that we tested. It offers individualized health insights based on your recent data trends. Each measure was also clearly explained so that we weren’t bogged down by metrics we didn’t understand. We also loved stepping onto this hefty scale each morning after programming the screen to share the daily weather report. Stepping onto this scale became about more than just weighing ourselves, it became part of our morning routines.

Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Scale

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