Testimony continues in murder trial in 2018 shooting death

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Ken de la Bastide, The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, Ind.
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Mar. 31—ANDERSON — One of the first police officers at the scene of the shooting death of Bryce Patterson testified he urged Patterson to hang on.

The testimony came as the state presented evidence Wednesday on the second day of the trial of Orlando Sutton, 21, of Anderson, who is charged with two counts of murder, attempted murder and two counts of robbery resulting in bodily injury.

Anderson Police Department Officer Matthew Guthrie said he received a call from dispatch in August 2018 for shots fired in the 700 block of West 12th Street.

"We were the second unit to arrive," Guthrie said. "There was a white vehicle (Patterson's car) with people standing outside."

Guthrie said there was a person on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound and he saw a person hanging outside the driver's door of the white vehicle.

"I told him to hang on, the medics were coming," he testified.

Guthrie said Patterson was unresponsive.

Officer Andrew Lanane was the first officer to arrive, responding to a dispatch call of shots fired and people running in the street.

Lanane said he observed people running around Patterson's car.

"People were directing me to the white car," he said. "I did notice a gunshot wound to the back of the head."

Crystal Williams testified she was visiting a friend and heard what sounded like gunshots or firecrackers.

"I thought it was gunshots," she said. "I heard several shots."

During questioning by defense attorney John Tompkins, Williams said she didn't see a second car in the area.

Ryan Green testified Monday that he at first drove away from the scene of the shooting but later returned.

Delores Stewart, who lives on West 12th Street, was visiting her mother in an adjacent house.

"I heard someone scream," she said.

At first, Stewart said she didn't hear any gunshots, but when allowed to read her testimony in the trial of co-defendant Michael Fleming, said during the first trial she was absolutely sure of hearing gunshots.

Stewart said they heard something hit the window at her mother's house and later discovered a hole.

The trial will resume Thursday, with Fleming expected to testify along with several other people at the scene of the shooting.

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