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Testing Multi-Tool Gadgets with Kristen Wiig & Will Forte | WIRED

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MacGruber is a master when it comes to getting the most out of objects, so who better to test multi-tool gadgets than Will Forte and Kristen Wiig? Peacock’s original comedy series, MACGRUBER, based on the iconic SNL parody sketch and cult-favorite 2010 film, is back! Starring Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, stream it now - only on Peacock

Video Transcript




Hi, I'm Will Forte.

KRISTEN WIIG: Hi, I'm Kristin Wiig.

BOTH: And we are guest correspondents for Wired.

KRISTEN WIIG: We will be reviewing and testing--

WILL FORTE: Multi-tool gadgets.


OK, you ready? This is--

KRISTEN WIIG: Do we just open this?


WILL FORTE: Oh, here we go! Oh, look at all this stuff. This is kind of cool.

KRISTEN WIIG: It's like a Swiss Army knife, but a credit card. You know sometimes when you're like, how far away is that from that? And you can take the card out and be like--

WILL FORTE: Well, first of all, I was like--

KRISTEN WIIG: --four centimeters.

WILL FORTE: --before I knew that this was the thing, I was like, how are we going to get in this frickin' box?

KRISTEN WIIG: The wallet ninja multi-tool is your everyday tool that easily fits in your wallet.

WILL FORTE: It functions as a screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, can opener, cell phone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, fruit peeler, and more.

KRISTEN WIIG: Fruit peeler? Star31B2 said, "I got this for my teenage son's stocking for Christmas. And he loved it. And I got a 'cool mom' out of that one. LOL! My husband wants one now. LOL!" Five stars.

WILL FORTE: Janelle said, "Useless, I deeply regret this purchase." One star. All right.

KRISTEN WIIG: So as you can see, when-- open a box-- wait, can I see this for a second?

WILL FORTE: Yeah. Check it out.

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, there's a little screwdriver thing in here. That's kind of cool.

WILL FORTE: How about this one for you?

KRISTEN WIIG: All right. Let me find the fruit peeler.

WILL FORTE: Well, this one--

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, bottle opener! OK.

WILL FORTE: You've got this. I believe in you. You got this. You got this.

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, the can opener's right there, right?

WILL FORTE: But this is a bottle.

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, this is a bottle. [LAUGHS] I mean, I knew it was a bottle. I know the difference.

WILL FORTE: Do you though?


WILL FORTE: This is what I would call a can. How do you do that?

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh! Oh I see. I see. You go like this.

WILL FORTE: Yeah, I don't know how you would-- uh, can opener. Go to--

KRISTEN WIIG: Screwdriver-- OK. Here we go. Oh. This is amazing. Look at that.

WILL FORTE: That's great. OK, I'm back on board--

KRISTEN WIIG: I give this little point an A plus. Cell phone stand? Oh! Yeah! Then you do this with a credit card maybe?

WILL FORTE: For when-- I've just finished lunch. And now, I'd like to pay the bill. My card is presented to you. That's great.




KRISTEN WIIG: I think it's a great idea.

WILL FORTE: It was tough to open that can. But so many useful things in such a tiny little item $14.98. That sounds--

KRISTEN WIIG: That's reasonable.

WILL FORTE: --right to me.


WILL FORTE: I'm going to give it 3 stars.



WILL FORTE: This is the Atomic Bare Paracord Bracelet. OK.

KRISTEN WIIG: Do you put it on your actual body?

WILL FORTE: I mean, it's a bracelet.

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, there's a compass?

WILL FORTE: Be ready to survive with the Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet.

KRISTEN WIIG: Hey, here's an uplifting quote. Did you know that cold is the number one cause of death?

WILL FORTE: Take the five survival gear essentials in just one stylish accessory-- fire starter, reliable compass, loud emergency whistle--


--ferro rod striker, and 12 feet of military grade paracord.

KRISTEN WIIG: So I got a compass, so I always know which way I'm going. I like that. Oh, my god. Yours and I are opposites.


KRISTEN WIIG: Look. Your south is on the top and my south is on the bottom. That's not good.

WILL FORTE: That's--

KRISTEN WIIG: If we were lost in the woods together, we would literally try to meet. And then, go in opposite directions. This is compass is--

WILL FORTE: This compass--

KRISTEN WIIG: --defunct.

WILL FORTE: --uh, paracord is trying to keep us apart. PJ says that, compass doesn't work. One star. "I should have tested it before I went hiking in the jungles of 'Pamama.'" He spelled "Panama" wrong. I'm assuming it's Panama.

KRISTEN WIIG: It's "Pamama." If you're going in the jungles of Pamama and you don't have a correct compass--

WILL FORTE: Yeah. Ryan Robinson says, "Great for things."

KRISTEN WIIG: Great for things.

WILL FORTE: "But probably not making waffles." Five stars. But I would say it's--

KRISTEN WIIG: He does, so that's good.


WILL FORTE: Oh, my god. That is very loud. I mean, that's a good--

KRISTEN WIIG: Mine doesn't work.


Will, turn around wherever you are. And go the opposite way to find me. [LAUGHS]

WILL FORTE: Para rod striker. I think--

KRISTEN WIIG: I still don't know what a rod striker is.

WILL FORTE: Is that it? Or is there something you strike it on here? Oh, the other end. This end.



If you need this to survive-- I'm sorry, I got to give this a two star just based on the compass thing. It's like that's a big part of it. And the-- like, we have two different-- let's-- let's make sure. What is it saying now? South.

KRISTEN WIIG: North. I'm sorry, I might have to give it a 1 and 1/2.


OK. This is a Transforming Robot LED Flashlight. It's portable, energy efficient, and durable.

WILL FORTE: A great present for any occasion. Amazon customer said, "Made from cheap plastic."

KRISTEN WIIG: That's the good review.

WILL FORTE: That's Amazon customer, three stars.

KRISTEN WIIG: Joanna said, "Not worth your money." These are one star.

WILL FORTE: All right. So--

KRISTEN WIIG: It's a great light. It's a very lightweight flashlight. I'll give it that. Wait, what are these little leg-- flashlight?

WILL FORTE: Diddle-a-doop-me, diddly-doop-me.


KRISTEN WIIG: It kind of looks like an orange cockroach from the future. But are we missing something? Did something just vibrate? Wait, does this come out?

WILL FORTE: Oh, wait a second.


WILL FORTE: Is that--



KRISTEN WIIG: It's worth it.

WILL FORTE: I could see getting one of these and naming it.

KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, like if you're using a little-- yeah. OK.


Well, it says what it is. It's a robot LED flashlight. So that's what you're getting.

WILL FORTE: You're getting a practical tool. And I just had a baby. And I could see her in a couple of years wanting to play around with this thing as a toy and as a useful light. I'd give this three stars. T-t-- uh-- no. You know what? I'm not going to have you shame me into a different--

KRISTEN WIIG: I'm not shaming you.

WILL FORTE: --number of stars. How many stars do you give it?

KRISTEN WIIG: I-- I guess two.


WILL FORTE: The Swiss Army multi-tool card-- this is nine tools in one-- compact, agile, and ready to face any adventure head on.

KRISTEN WIIG: The Swiss card showcases innovation, dependability, in a unique, convenient style.

WILL FORTE: First impression is it talks a big game. It says bunch of uses. And we will be the judge of that.

KRISTEN WIIG: I like this first look, because it's kind of like Swiss Army but it's flat. Noname said, "Clearly a menacing and dangerous array of deadly armament." Five stars.

WILL FORTE: Then the King said, "Bad quality. I don't like anything about it." One star.

KRISTEN WIIG: Let's see.

WILL FORTE: Let's see what we got here. Scissors and--

KRISTEN WIIG: I love a little scissor.

WILL FORTE: Yeah. OK. Toothpick. Not-- what is this?

KRISTEN WIIG: Screwdriver.

WILL FORTE: Oh, a screwdriver. Do you want to pull another one out? Or do you want--

KRISTEN WIIG: Sure. Nail file.

WILL FORTE: And we got-- there are the tweezers.

KRISTEN WIIG: Don't do it. Don't do it!

WILL FORTE: Oh, I got one. I got one.

KRISTEN WIIG: Out of your nose?


KRISTEN WIIG: Didn't that hurt?

WILL FORTE: I am so used to pulling hairs out of my nose.


WILL FORTE: Looks like there's something right in there.

KRISTEN WIIG: There is. But you can't get it out. You need a tool to get the-- oh, wait. I think you go like this.


KRISTEN WIIG: Do you know how to pick a lock?


KRISTEN WIIG: Oh, me neither.

WILL FORTE: I mean, I just shove stuff. So, I don't know. I would be the worst. Really?

KRISTEN WIIG: I never learned how to pick a lock. That'd be like a really cool skill.


WILL FORTE: It's-- quite a lot of handy things and--

KRISTEN WIIG: I give this four.

WILL FORTE: I think four stars seems about right. Well, you know, I give it three stars because it's a little expensive for-- for what it is. A billionaire would probably give it four stars. Are you a billionaire? Kristen has to go. So--

KRISTEN WIIG: I have to go. I have to go north. My compass says to go over there. So I'm going to go that way.


KRISTEN WIIG: Thanks for having me.

WILL FORTE: I will be handling the final product.


I don't even want to read what it is because I want to see if I can even figure this out. This on, like this. But then what would it be used for? OK. I'm going to read the thing.

These are LED Flashlight Gloves. The gloves that are a flashlight. Just strap on your LED flashlight gloves. And it's as simple as point and voila.

So Jason said, "Does the trick. I got these, especially with the daylight getting shorter and walking my dog at night, and picking up his doo doo. The gloves are easy to put on and off." So Jason gives it five stars.

LKoback said, "Quality, quality! It's junk. No port for USB.

No screwdriver included like box says. So many loose threads. Not good quality returning all four." And this is one star from LKoback.

How do we get this light on? Probably-- oh! As simple as-- oh! That's interesting. Look at that.

It's not super dark in here. So I just can't tell-- it does make me feel a little bit like Spider-man. I mean, if-- oh, there we go.

And I could do like, you know, lasered light show. I would take these to a rave, but I'm not really a raver. So I would give this to a friend who's a raver and tell them have at it. Tell me how the rave was.

This actually does feel like something MacGruber would use. It's almost a little fashion statement too. It's kind of an attempt to be real cool. And I feel like MacGruber would think this was a cool thing.

I don't know that I'm putting it on correctly. I think it should cost $9.99. But I bet it's going to cost $29.99.

Ah! OK. So somewhere-- somewhere in the middle.


I do have two dogs. So I think anything that keeps the poop in the bag is good by me. I'm going to give it three stars.

There were some interesting products. The very first one seems like maybe the one that I would be most likely to have purchased. It didn't seem like it was too expensive. And it seemed like there were a bunch of uses and even though the can opener seemed tough to figure out. And it's just a very helpful tool.

The things with the lights-- you know, probably less likely to buy those. And the Swiss Army thing was a little expensive, but seems like it would be useful also. Even the worst were still worth checking out. I'm Will Forte, Wired correspondent, signing off.


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