Texans fire 1st woman in NFL to head a team's PR dept.

Back in November, the pioneering former VP of communications of the Texans called her departure "arguably the most humiliating day of my life."

Video Transcript

- Big news for the Houston Texans. The team fired vice president of communications Amy Palcic.

- Now sports reporter David Nuno is here inside the studio for us with more about this shakeup. Hey, David.

DAVID NUNO: Yeah, it's shocking this morning to read it, but things are changing with the Texans. Now, you may not know Amy Palcic but all the players and the media sure do, as she facilitated all of our interview requests and much, much more. ESPN reported that Palcic was let go because she was no longer a cultural fit. Now, the entire front office is changing with the firing of Bill O'Brien. This kind of move is not totally out of left field.

She was the first woman to serve as a top PR director for an NFL team, and under her watch the Texas PR staff won the 2017 Pete Rozelle Award, given to the best PR staff in the entire NFL. She also won the Sports and Entertainment Woman of Inspiration Award just last year. Now, O'Brien was the first domino to fall and now it is Palcic. The Texas front office will have a completely different look there in 2021.

And beyond that social media has been supporting Palcic all day long. And then JJ Watt echoed her support for her in the Texas press conference today, saying that she is an incredible person and will have another job in an absolute heartbeat.