Texans share shocking images of flooding on social media

Shocking images poured out of Texas Saturday morning as relentless rainstorms paired with heavy winds and suspected tornadoes continued to push powerful floods through parts of the state for the second day.

The City of San Marcos, Texas posted several photos of the flood emergency to its Facebook page. 

Five people have been reported dead and one still missing amid the flash floods that roiled through the Austin area and other parts of south-central Texas overnight, submerging cars, toppling trailers, and leaving more than 32,000 people without power.

The Office of Emergency Management in Houston’s Harris County said Saturday morning that 4-7 inches of rain fell since Friday night—though some neighborhoods were reportedly soaked in up to 16 inches—and the National Weather Service was examining areas believed to have been hit by tornadoes. 

One man, Kerry Packer, managed to send his wife Cecilia a video of the flooding from his car before the vehicle was swept away in a stream near Austin, forcing him to seek refuge in a tree, where he was rescued four hours later. Packer shared the video with local NBC station KVUE.

Much of the same region was soaked in the downpour that accompanied Hurricane Patricia on its path through Mexico last weekend, leaving the Texas area without a chance to dry out before being drenched again.

Meteorologists expect the harsh weather to continue through the weekend, spreading beyond Texas through other parts of the south, including Oklahoma and Louisiana.