Texans still suffering after cold, power outages

Food and water distributions continue to serve thousands of Texans days after a record cold snap caused power outages and clean water shortages. (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript


JOSEPH AGUILLARD: And when they opened up, they didn't have any-- you know, the things that I-- that I needed to get at the store, they didn't have any.


This is the wood that I collected to burn. I have-- anything that'll burn. They burned-- they'll come out when they burn. [LAUGHS]

And I was freezing to death. And I'm a heart patient. I have asthma, and I have heart problems.



DENNIS GREEN: Yeah, what are the Republicans doing about it? What about the senators, you know? They're not even trying to do anything about the electricity. They should go national or keep it local. And you have one crazy-- you know, Ted Cruz just leaves town.

THERESA ARMINGTON: Everybody's in need at this time, you know? And I don't know. As far as our power grid, I thought they would probably take better care of us since, when you don't pay your electric bill, they going to cut it off. They should have made sure they had the upgrades done.