Texas ally to waiting migrants: Don't lose heart

Sister Norma Pimentel, one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020, works to console worried, weary immigrants at the U.S. border. Still, she remains hopeful as the newly elected Biden administration works toward immigration reform. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

SISTER NORMA PIMENTEL: Right now, you know, I think that families, the immigrant families that are at the border waiting, and they have been waiting for so long, way over a year because of the MPP policy that was in place. And so now there's a sense of unrest, not knowing what's going to happen, whether they're going to have an opportunity to enter the United States and when and how and all of these questions.

Worried that others are coming that may take their place. And they may lose after having waited for way over a year. And so it's sad to see their anguish, and at the same time, trying to encourage them to have patience and to be calm and not to lose heart because I'm hopeful for them. And I know the new administration is offering possibilities of how things can move forward in their favor. Yes, it's important to keep our country safe to know who enters our country. But we also must not lose our humanity in the process of doing that.