Texas church hosts ‘2020 election was stolen’ event with Capitol rioter as guest

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Mike Stunson
·2 min read
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A Texas church whose pastor made controversial comments in his support for former President Donald Trump is hosting an event disputing results of the election.

The event, planned for Wednesday evening at KingdomLife Church in Frisco, is called “How the 2020 Election Was Stolen” and features Paul Davis as a guest speaker. Davis was fired from his job after he participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in Washington, D.C.

“Come hear the evidence that exposes how the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump,” an event page reads.

There is no evidence that voter fraud influenced the outcome of President Joe Biden’s election victory over Trump.

Davis filed a civil action lawsuit in January on behalf of Latinos for Trump and Blacks for Trump. In the lawsuit, which names Congress and individuals including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Davis presents baseless allegations of voter fraud.

During the riot, which followed a rally speech in which Trump urged his supporters to march to the Capitol, Davis posted a video on Instagram saying he was outside the building and had just been tear-gassed.

“All we want is an actual audit of ballots and the Dominion machines,” he wrote in the captions of the video, the Star-Telegram reported. “Our politicians could end all of the unrest in two days with a legitimate audit, but they won’t allow it. Why?”

Dominion Voting Systems has become a target for those who say the election was fraudulent. The company has filed its own defamation lawsuits in response.

Brandon Burden, the pastor of KingdomLife Church, urged congregants in January to keep weapons ready in preparation of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, McClatchy News previously reported.

“We are locked and loaded at the Burden house,” he said in a sermon.

His message came along with prayers for Trump and a mention of an executive order from God. He said “prophetic voices” told him Trump would remain president and it’s up to Christians to execute that order.

“We have an executive order — not from Congress or D.C., but from the desk of the CEO of heaven, the boss of the planet,” Burden said. “He said from his desk in heaven, this is my will; Trump will be in office for eight years.”

Burden’s remarks were met with criticism from various Frisco city leaders, according to the Frisco Enterprise.

The Frisco Conservative Coalition, of which Burden is the chairman, is hosting Wednesday’s event. On Jan. 22, Burden was suspended by the coalition for 30 days, The Dallas Morning News reported.