Texas: New clinic hopes to ease racial equity in Covid-19 vaccination

The Texas Southern University is partnering with Baylor St. Luke's to address racial disparity among Covid-19 vaccine recipients in Houston. Earlier this week, resident Greg Ashby turned up to get his shot. "I know that this is what we really need to do to help curve the situation and I’m here to do it," he told AFPTV. By some measures, African Americans have died from coronavirus at the highest rate of any group in the United States. Yet they are also the most skeptical of getting the Covid shots -- by far -- though the new vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective in trials.

Video Transcript

- So--

- The empty vial?

- Yeah. So basically, the Pfizer--

- The lot number and all that good stuff of the vaccine today.

- OK.

- OK? All right. That's yours. I said it now,

- Huh?

- OK, you ready?

- I'm ready.

- OK, here we go.


- Don't worry.

- Over the years, there's been a distrust with the government with the majority of Black people. I, myself, have had run-ins with them, some not so good, and some were some good.

- Honey, you've got an appointment, right?

- Right.

- You. So what we're gonna--

- Thank you, ma'am.

- Thank you, ma'am.

- And I hope so that they continue to put these injection sites or vaccine sites in these different location so that the Black community can have a better opportunity to get their shots.

- OK?

- November what? First part of November, or when?

- Let's do it the first part of November.

- First part of November? November--