Texas couple’s airport luggage hid surprising stowaway — a sneaky chihuahua named Icky

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Jared and Kristi Owens received unwelcomed news before their flight to Las Vegas when they learned their luggage was overweight.

Under normal circumstances, the couple from Lubbock, Texas, would have to pay a surplus for their heavy bag — or throw out a couple of items.

A Southwest Airlines employee inspected the bag before the Sept. 26 flight to determine the problem. It turned out the couple didn’t overpack on their own accord.

“Out pops a chihuahua from your boot!” Jared Owens said on Facebook of the unsuspected discovery of their dog, Icky, inside the luggage. “Unreal! Let the shenanigans begin!”

Pictures show the smiling Icky nestled inside a boot with the Southwest worker comforting the pup.

The dog was described by Jared Owens as a “burrower” who often hides in clothes, KCBD reported.

The owner thanked the Southwest employee, Cathy Cook, who made the discovery. But Cook offered to assist the travelers in more ways than that.

“Shoutout to Cathy with #southwestairlines for her awesome customer service!! She offered to watch Icky until we got back!!” Jared Owens said on Facebook.

But that was not necessary, as the couple had family nearby who were able to watch Icky during their travels, KXAS reported. The couple told the station they will double-check their luggage in the future.

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