Texas DPS urges responsible driving ahead of Super Bowl weekend

Super Bowl weekend is right around the corner and The Texas Department of Public Safety is encouraging drivers to play it safe when it comes to drinking and driving. We learn about statistics for fatalities and ways you can make sure your team is safe and sound at the end of the night.

Research has shown:

  • There is a spike in traffic fatalities during and after the Super Bowl broadcasts.

  • There is also an increase in death rates of traffic crashes as well as drunk driving rates in the 12 hrs. during and after the Super Bowl game broadcast.

  • The rate has been as much as 41% of traffic fatalities nationally on past Super Bowl Sundays.

Call the play and be ready for an audible

  • Plan ahead about the way you will travel to and back home from a Super Bowl celebration.

  • Use: A designated driver, ride share, or a taxi service if you plan to consume alcoholic beverages.

  • Take your role as a designated driver seriously. Your friends and family are counting on your MVP status to assure their safety. Do not drink if you are driving.

  • If you are the DD, make sure everyone is buckled up before you travel.

  • If you see someone that has not planned ahead before celebrating, call an audible and intercept their keys to help them get home.

  • If your designated driver starts to drink, call an audible and plan to change who will drive you home.

  • Post your MVP status as a designated driver to others on social media. You might encourage others to make a good choice.

Be a responsible host and coach

  • Serve food prior to serving alcoholic beverages to your guests. Food helps slow the intoxication process of the body.

  • Be sure to have non-alcoholic options for your designated drivers and those that do not wish to drink.

  • Be sure to know the ages of your guests. It is illegal to serve or provide alcohol to an underage minor if you are not their parent or for them to consume any alcoholic beverages out of the presence of the parent.

  • Be intentional by asking each guest how they intend to travel home and who will be driving. Knowing who the designated drivers are can help ensure they stay sober.

  • Monitor the rate and size of beverage servings so as not to overserve your guests.

One regrettable decision to drink and drive could turn a celebration into a DWI costing up to $17,000 in fines and fees, the loss of a license, jail time or worse. It just isn’t worth it.

Drive Sober. No Regrets. #EndtheStreakTX

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