Texas drunk driving suspect jumps out sunroof in a high-speed chase, Wyoming cops say

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A Texas man caught driving nearly 100 mph died during a high-speed chase on an interstate in Wyoming, police say.

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers learned of a possible drunk driver Friday night near Sheridan and began a search for the suspect, according to a news release.

Troopers found the vehicle driving 97 mph along Interstate 90, where the speed limit is 75 mph, police said. A trooper flipped on his emergency lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the driver, police said.

But the driver didn’t stop, instead speeding east on the interstate for about 5 miles, according to the release.

Then the trooper spotted hands reaching out of the vehicle’s sunroof. That’s when the driver pulled himself out of the sunroof and jumped from the car while it was traveling at 80 mph, police said.

The car slammed into a cable divider in the median.

The trooper called an ambulance and began perform CPR, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man was identified as 43-year-old Marshall Acker of Tyler, Texas.

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