Texas family finds large beetle in kitchen table

William Holt
·William Holt

The Robles family of Deer Park, Texas, bought their kitchen table in March, but it wasn’t until recently that they realized something was very wrong with the new furniture.

Last week, a large beetle apparently chewed its way out of the wooden table, much to the surprise of Isabel Robles-Gauna, ABC News reports.

“Oh, the thing was ugly,” she said, laughing about the ordeal.

Upon her creepy discovery, Robles-Gauna enlisted the help of her sons and took a video of them and her husband trying to capture the insect. The family eventually caught the critter in a plastic bag and tossed it in the freezer, waiting until U.S. Department of Agriculture officials could pick it up for identification.

ABC News reports that the USDA has since told the family that the insect is a teak trunk borer from South China, where the table was made. According to the USDA, the beetle cannot survive in the United States and doesn’t pose any threat.

Still, the Robles family is taking no chances. Rooms To Go, the company that sold the table to the Robles, took away every piece of furniture the family brought in March and gave them a full refund. The company found a second beetle in the table and sent it to Texas A&M University for further study.

“I want my house exterminated inside and out,” Robles-Gauna said. “I just want the safety of my family.”