Texas fires a 'Goldilocks' situation

STORY: Several smaller wildfires at various stages of containment are burning other parts of the state's northern Panhandle, whipped up by fierce winds and hot, dry temperatures.

Sean Dugan with the Texas A&M Forest Service said a number of factors combined on Monday to make the situation ideal for fire growth.

"What happened is what we refer to as a Southern Plains wildfire outbreak, which is kind of a 'Goldilocks' situation where you have extremely high winds, dry fuels and low relative humidity and those conditions really make for a situation where these fires can grow really rapidly," he said.

The area scorched by the main blaze, dubbed the Smokehouse Creek Fire, is about the size of New York City plus its sprawling suburb of Westchester County.

The Forest Service said there were no reported injuries or deaths but an unspecified number of structures were damaged and destroyed.