Texas furniture store owner turns his showrooms into shelters

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale transformed his furniture store into an emergency shelter for Texans affected by brutal winter weather. He says it's just the right thing to do. Those he's helped say it's a blessing.

Video Transcript

CARDEAO: It affected us, you know, cold, you know. We didn't had no, you know, lights, no electricity at our homes. And no food and hardly food and stuff. So we have to go to come here to shelter. And you know, just to keep warm, you know, and stay overnight. And then, you know, stay warm.

JAMES MCINGVALE: Lights went out and water went out. So we had to open our doors and help our people out, because our people were cold and miserable and freezing and didn't have lights, water, or electricity. So we had thousands of people come in here to our warming station to get free hot meals, and we had about 300 people a night three nights in a row sleep here.

So whatever we can do to help Texas and Houstonians, that's why we're here.

BRYAN QUINTANA: I'm just overwhelmed. Everything's, you know, the coronavirus. And I lost my job, you know, my mortgage, you know. I have a business and I have a lot of stuff that, you know, a lot of-- and I don't know, I'm just upset.

And then those pictures, looking at my house, you know, it was terrible. And I have to clean it up, you know. It's all right. It's all good.

KEVIN BROWN: This is a blessing, big blessing that I never [? expected. ?] Like I say, I've got some food, shelter.

JAMES MCINGVALE: I was taught by my parents, we all have a responsibility for the well-being of the community. So whatever affects Texas affects us. And we want to be a corporate citizen that takes care of the people, doesn't just take money.

BRYAN QUINTANA: This is unnormal, that's for one thing, you know. This is, I can't believe it's this bad. I couldn't believe that, as much snow came down and as much ice that melted and refroze and, you know, the accidents that happened, and the pipes that are busting, the people that are dying, you know, it's terrible. You know?