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Texas Gov. Abbott Bans State Agencies From Requiring Vaccine Passports

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order stopping government agencies and state-funded organizations from requiring the vaccination proof.

Video Transcript

- You will not be required to get a vaccine passport. Governor Abbott issued an executive order early this morning stopping government agencies and state-funded organizations from acquiring the vaccination proof. I-Team reporter Ginger Allen looks at the ongoing backlash of mandating the pass before going to work, school, or public places.

GREG ABBOTT: This week, Texas will surpass 13 million doses administered.

GINGER ALLEN: Governor Greg Abbott says vaccinations will reduce the spread and fatalities caused by COVID-19. But--

GREG ABBOTT: These vaccines are always voluntary and never forced.

GINGER ALLEN: --Abbott says they reveal private information. And in this executive order, he states the government will not require Texans to provide proof of vaccination at places which receive public funds or grants. That would be schools, hospitals, and government buildings. The order does not apply to nursing homes, living facilities, or long-term care facilities.

RON DESANTIS: You don't want to create separate classes of citizens based on whether somebody receives vaccine.

GINGER ALLEN: Abbott joins Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and many other state leaders across the country making similar moves. In recent days, an analyst for the ACLU stated some people don't have smartphones. Vaccine passports could increase inequality. Put more tracking tokens on our phones and the information could be sold. The "New England Journal of Medicine" is stating the system raises policy and ethical considerations.

Meanwhile around the globe, many places say it's opening their economies. Israel already requires a Green Pass to get into recently reopened hotels, gyms, pools, and theaters. Several other countries are also considering the mandate.

- If everyone is vaccinated, they can feel protected.

GINGER ALLEN: And this disease prevention expert told our sister station in Sacramento, in some ways, we are already using these passports.

JEFFREY KLAUSNER: You need vaccinations to go to school. You need vaccinations to go to college. You need vaccinations, actually, to travel to certain places.

GINGER ALLEN: Just this afternoon, the White House announced the federal government will not support any system that requires vaccine passports. Today in Texas, this order just takes that one step further, with the state saying it will not allow any state-funded agency to require them. I'm Ginger Allen, CBS 11 News.