Texas Gov. Abbott Challenges President Biden's Executive Actions On Guns

In response to President Joe Biden's executive actions, Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that the president is "threatening our 2nd Amendment rights” and that "we will not allow this in Texas."

Video Transcript

- President Joe Biden announced today that he's taking a variety of executive actions, and this is to curb gun violence across the country. But Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is criticizing the move, vowing that Texas will defy the president. Political reporter Jack Fink gets us underway.

JOE BIDEN: Gun violence in this country is an epidemic.

JACK FINK: In the Rose Garden, President Biden said he's taking aim at what he called ghost guns, those that are homemade and don't have serial numbers that can be traced. He wants major parts, which can be bought in a kit, to have serial numbers and for buyers to face background checks. The president also says those who buy stabilizer braces to make their pistols more accurate should be required to submit their names to the Justice Department and pay a fee.

JOE BIDEN: Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment.

JACK FINK: In response, Governor Abbott tweeted that President Biden is, quote, "threatening our Second Amendment rights" and that "we will not allow this in Texas."

GREG ABBOTT: Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

JACK FINK: During a state of the state address in February, he said protecting Texans' gun rights is an emergency item this legislative session. So can Texas not enforce a federal gun law and President Biden's new executive actions? SMU constitutional law professor Dale Carpenter says yes.

DALE CARPENTER: That would be within the rights of the state of Texas because the state cannot be made simply an appendage of federal government law enforcement.

JACK FINK: Among the bills proposed, one that would prevent Texas tax dollars from being used to enforce any federal actions since January.

DALE CARPENTER: It does provide punishment for any state officials that participate in enforcement of federal law, and it also provides that cities and counties can lose funding from the state of Texas.

JACK FINK: But Professor Carpenter says the state cannot impede federal law enforcement officers or other officials from carrying out federal laws in Texas. Jack Fink, CBS11 News.