Texas governor announces inflatable border wall to block Rio Grande river

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to block the Rio Grande river with a 1,000-foot water wall made from buoys.

Abbott’s barrier will be placed between Mexico and Eagle Pass, Texas, according to Fox 4 in Dallas. The governor showed reporters a rendering of his new endeavor Thursday.

“We’re securing the border at the border,” Abbott said, adding that the building of the new wall will begin very soon. “What these buoys will allow us to do is to prevent people from even getting to the border.”

The Texas legislature recently approved $5 billion in funding for border security. Abbott said buoys can be easily added to grow his floating wall in time. The Rio Grande spans nearly 1,900 miles.

The Texas National Guard and Texas Dept. of Public Safety previously used large shipping containers to block some of its borders in 2021. That plan was enacted during a worldwide shortage of shipping containers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Texas Tribune.

Abbott was elected to his third term as governor in November when he defeated Democrat Beto O’Rourke. His highly conservative views on immigration, abortion rights and gun control have garnered national attention.

In May, Mayor Eric Adams accused Abbott of trying “to hurt Black-run cities” by shipping migrants to places like New York. But Adams made clear he never used the word “racist” to describe the Texas governor.