Texas Governor Signs 'Chick-fil-A⁩' Law He Says Will Protect Religious Freedom

Texas Gov Greg Abbott put his signature to a controversial “Chick-fil-A” law in Texas on Thursday, July 18.

Abbott said discrimination was not tolerated in Texas. “No business should be discriminated against simply because its owners donate to a church, the Salvation Army, or other religious organization,” he said.

He called the law a “victory” for religious freedom in Texas.

The law prohibits the government from taking “adverse action” against businesses or individuals based on religious affiliation, or donations to religious groups. It follows the exclusion of Chick-fil-A from a concessions contract by the city of San Antonio.

Critics of the law argue it would allow discrimination against the LGBT community.

Abbot put pen to paper in front of cameras Thursday with Chick-fil-A products visible on his desk and in the hands of people around him. “Today I signed the ⁦Chick-fil-A⁩ law in Texas. And, had a great lunch,” he said. Credit: Greg Abbott via Storyful