Texas Lawyer Dressed as Michael Myers Arrested on Galveston Beach

A man dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies was arrested on a beach in Galveston, Texas, after walking around the area holding a fake bloody knife on September 13.

The man has since been identified as attorney Mark A Metzger III and is no stranger to playing practical jokes on his community during storms.

Metzger went surfing in a business suit during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and has been known to bring unicorn floats out when his neighborhood floods as well.

“I try to find a little bit of positivity in, you know, the doom and gloom out there, all this negative stuff going on,” Metzger said in an interview.

This video footage shows the moment Metzger was arrested for disorderly conduct on the beach as Tropical Storm Nicholas battered Galveston with heavy rain and intense wind. Credit: Reagan Nicole Lawhon via Storyful