Texas Lawyer, Judge In Viral Cat Filter Zoom Video Say They're Happy To Bring 'Collective Laugh' During Tough Times

Cat puns aside, both the Texas attorney and judge in the viral hit say the video is what we all need right now.

Video Transcript

ROD PONTON: I'm here live. I'm not a cat. [LAUGHS] I can't-- this doesn't get old.

- In the age of Zoom meetings, this is something I think we can all relate to-- a court hearing "cat-tastrophe" going viral. And the lawyer and judge involved say they are just happy to bring people some smiles during, really, a tough time.

ROY FERGUSON: Mr. Ponton, I believe you have a filter turned on. They call him "The Abogato"--


--which is probably my favorite.

- It's the video "cat-ching" fire around the world.

ROD PONTON: I'm here live. I'm not a cat.

ROY FERGUSON: They say it was a "purr-fect" moment. They ask if he was committing "purr-jury."

- Judge Roy Ferguson can crack a smile now talking about the virtual hearing, where an attorney couldn't get this cat filter off. Now, the video has four million views and counting. [CAT MEOWING]

Did you ever expect the kind of response to that video?

ROY FERGUSON: If you've looked through my Twitter feed, all I do is give Zoom tips, and none of those have ever gone viral.


So I had zero expectation that this would be any different.

ROD PONTON: Being an old fart, I didn't know how to "un-cat" myself.

- Rod Ponton is the face behind these forlorn feline eyes.

ROD PONTON: That cat was me saying, "Oh, God. What are we doing here?"

- But keeping composure, Judge Ferguson walked him through just what to do.

ROY FERGUSON: I stopped the video. I came on camera and got an eye-to-eye with the cat and explained to the kitten how to turn it off. And 10 seconds later, it was off and we had the hearing.

- The stoic faces, he says, are a nod to the "purr-fessionalism" of the Texas Bar. All "kitten" aside, both say this video is what we all need right "meow."

ROD PONTON: Our nation means a collective laugh. We've had a hard damn year this past year.

ROY FERGUSON: I'll bet this is the most successful educational tweet in history. Because 100 million people are going to see it, and every person is going to make sure that they are not the next lawyer cat when they join their next business meeting by Zoom.

- For a cat--


ROD PONTON: I'm not a cat.

- --CBS 11 News.


I had to, I had to put my-- Scott's over there, giving me groans and eyerolls. I had to put my name on there. Ponton says he's just glad the judge is the one who let the cat out of the bag.