Texas Logs 6,125 New Coronavirus Cases —​ Highest Since August

Tony Cantu
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AUSTIN, TX — Texas on Saturday reported 6,125 new cases of the coronavirus across the state — the highest level since August — with another 81 additional deaths.

The data are recorded on a dashboard maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services. And by the agency's own admission, the level may be the tip of the iceberg: "Probable cases are not included in the total case numbers," officials wrote on the portal.

The dashboard shows that since the onset of coronavirus, 17,456 Texas residents have died of the respiratory illness from the estimated 858,071 confirmed cases as of Saturday. An estimated 753,611 patients have recovered from the illness, according to the data.

As businesses increase occupancy levels and bars now allowed to reopen at limited capacity — steps endorsed by recent gubernatorial decree — hospitalizations have spiked, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. "Hospitalizations are rising quickly," agency officials wrote on Twitter Wednesday. "Gatherings without masks and other #HealthyTexas steps are increasing community spread."

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According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas averaged in the prior seven days before its Wednesday post:

  • 4,292 new cases per day.

  • 4,386 current hospitalizations.

  • 69 new fatalities reported per day.

Illness spikes are occurring all across the country aside from Texas. As of Oct. 20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported via Twitter that 79 percent of U.S. jurisdictions reported increases in new coronavirus cases. The seven-day average daily case counts were 13 percent higher than the previous seven days, CDC officials added.

According to the CDC COVID Data Tracker, there have been 8.46 million confirmed coronavirus cases since the onset of illness, including 82,929 new cases. In the last seven days alone, another 441,644 cases were confirmed. All told, 223,393 U.S. residents have died of respiratory illness — including 946 new deaths as of Saturday.

Back in Texas, the counties with the highest level of cases since the coronavirus onset are:

  • Harris County: 157,392 confirmed cases.

  • Dallas County: 92,197.

  • Tarrant County: 56,578.

  • Bexar County: 52,335.

  • El Paso County: 38,554.

  • Hidalgo County: 34,970.

  • Travis County: 31,411.

  • Cameron County: 23,976.

  • Collin County: 17,611.

  • Fort Bend County: 17,392.

  • Lubbock County: 16,911.

  • Nueces County: 16,171.

  • Webb County: 15,011.

  • Denton County: 14,157.

  • Montgomery County: 12,920.

  • Galveston County: 12,297.

  • Brazoria County: 12,191.

  • McLennan County: 9,772.

  • Williamson County: 9,335

The counties with the most fatalities blamed on coronavirus as of Saturday are:

  • Harris County: 2,775 fatalities.

  • Hidalgo County: 1,671.

  • Bexar County: 1,392.

  • Dallas County: 1,217.

  • Cameron County: 1,973

  • Tarrant County: 813

  • El Paso County: 593.

  • Travis County: 441.

  • Nueces County: 407.

  • Webb County: 329.

  • Nueces County: 407.

  • Webb County: 329.

  • Fort Bend County: 306.

  • Starr County: 185.

  • Brazoria County: 182.

  • Collin County: 175.

  • Montgomery County: 173.

  • Denton County: 169.

  • Galveston County: 169

  • Lubbock County: 164.

  • Jefferson County: 152.

  • Williamson County: 152

On Saturday, Texas Department of State Health Service updated specific data related to various aspects of the pandemic:

Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services dashboard to see the full range of data.

This article originally appeared on the Austin Patch