Texas Makes Any Adult Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccine - 03/28/21 - Segment 4

Texas Makes Any Adult Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccine - 03/28/21 - Segment 4

Video Transcript

KAREN BORTA: There was a significant development in the last week in the fight against COVID here in North Texas. Parkland Hospital shut down its COVID intensive care units. We spoke with a nurse who's been working in that unit since the start of the pandemic. Here's Madison Sawyer.

PERLA SANCHEZ-PEREZ: We're more than ready to have the COVID unit shut down to move on to other things.

MADISON SAWYER: Perla Sanchez-Perez is a registered nurse at Parkland. She's been among those on the front line of the pandemic at Parkland's COVID unit, also known as the red door.

PERLA SANCHEZ-PEREZ: For the last year, we've been taking care of the critical care patients, the patients that have been intubated.

MADISON SAWYER: Behind that door, doctors and nurses have treated surge after surge of COVID-19 patients since last summer. Parkland set up designated areas to treat men and women who have had the worst cases of the virus. Sanchez-Perez gave us an idea of what it was like inside that unit.

PERLA SANCHEZ-PEREZ: --and I would be lying if it wasn't. It was very difficult to get to stand there. Sometimes, you know, the patients might not be doing well for 12 hours, 24 hours, and to be there, trying to do your very best, working 24 hours, seven days a week, sometimes the nurses would not be able to-- would physically not want to go and take a break because they wanted to keep that patient alive.

MADISON SAWYER: Last Tuesday Parkland shut down the COVID units. Now, that doesn't mean that COVID is gone. The hospital continues to treat people that come in with the infection. There just aren't as many cases now.

PERLA SANCHEZ-PEREZ: I think the whole team in general is ready for COVID to move on and for us to take care of other issues, other health problems. And so we're very excited that we're closing down.

MADISON SAWYER: But Sanchez-Perez and others will carry the memories of working with patients and families while hoping the massive surges of COVID in North Texas are behind them.

PERLA SANCHEZ-PEREZ: We love our job, and we wanted the best outcome for these individuals. And sometimes we won battles, and sometimes we didn't. And when we did, it felt very, very good for us. Madison Sawyer, CBS 11 News.

KAREN BORTA: We'll be watching for developments this week as the state opens up vaccinations for everyone over the age of 16 in Texas. Will there be a rush for a shot? Will counties be ready and have enough doses for people who want one? We'll let you know what happens on CBS 11. Thank you for watching To The Point. I'm Karen Borta. Have a great day.