Texas man ate only dog food for a month, he says. ‘I feel pretty fantastic’

A Texas man says he ate only dog food for a month to prove a point and felt fantastic doing it.

Mitch Felderhoff, president of Muenster Milling Co., went 30 days eating only his company’s dog food to prove it’s healthy for pets. The company is about 85 miles north of Fort Worth in Muenster.

We’re not going to feed your dog something unless we’ve eaten it first,” Felderhoff said in a YouTube video documenting the month.

In a video, Felderhoff stocked his family’s pantry with the company’s line of dog foods, including “elk patties,” making sure his dog Roxy knew which bags of food belong to him.

“As I went through that first week, that first four days was really tough. I didn’t feel good,” Felderhoff said. “One of the things that I did that was key was I did do some intermittent fasting.”

While Felderhoff cooked his wife and sons chicken, burgers or waffles, he sat at the dining room table eating dog food. One of his sons did take a nibble of the dog food, then a bigger bite.

“Don’t try this at home,” Felderhoff said in the video “Don’t feed your kids dog food.”

While the first week was difficult, Felderhoff became accustomed to the new diet by the third week, he said.

“Not going to lie, I feel pretty fantastic throughout the day with the exception of really missing the flavor of normal food that we get to eat,” he said in a video.

Felderhoff said he lost 30 pounds.

His employees noticed changes, too.

“Mitch’s coat is really shiny now,” customer relations manager Kent Barnes quipped, as Felderhoff stood at his desk in a dog costume. “We’ve noticed that. His hair is getting thicker, and I believe he’s growing hair on his knuckles as well.”

The month-long feat culminated with Muenster Milling partnering with Pet Supplies Plus to cover the first $100 for every adoption at an event last weekend at Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in Carrollton, Texas.

On Sunday, Felderhoff ended the month of eating dog food by digging into a plate of brisket nachos and stuffed jalapeno peppers.

“It’s over,” Felderhoff said as he bit into a jalapeno.