Texas Man Goes Viral With 13 Golden Retrievers

Texas Man Goes Viral With 13 Golden Retrievers
Texas Man Goes Viral With 13 Golden Retrievers

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Many of us are happy with just one or two dogs at home. For some of us, three or four is an ideal number. But what about 13?

One dog dad, Collin Standon, has 13 Golden Retrievers, reports PEOPLE – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The 24-year-old started off with three Goldens, before two, Chloe and Sam, had a litter of puppies. Not wanting to split them up, he kept all of the young pups. 

He then adopted his thirteenth canine, Buddy, who was on the euthanasia list at a shelter. As well as Buddy, Chloe, and Sam, he has Chloe’s sister Emma, and the litter of nine, who are now fully grown. Rocky, Moose, Raider, Cowboy, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Missy, Angel, and Callie make up the group.

A Hefty Food Bill

It might sound like dreamland, if you’ve got the space like Collin, but it’s not all plain sailing. Between them, they eat up to nine pounds of dog food a day, so Collin gets through ten 40-pound bags of food each month. And then there’s the grooming.

“Challenges would be maintaining them; being Golden Retrievers, they come with lots of upkeep”, he told SWNS. However, he’s more than happy to have some many pooches at home: “It’s not like anything you’d ever imagine; happiness is an understatement”, he said. 

13 Golden Retrievers – A Recipe for Social Media Success

Collin and his dogs have gone viral on social media of late, his dogs proving popular with many people online. On TikTok, he’s amassed over 300,000 followers and almost 12 million likes across his videos – people just can’t get enough of the adorable chaos of ‘The Fluffy Family’. 

Perhaps understandably, some of his followers say they’d never be able to cope with so many excitable and energetic pups running around. But others are envious. Do you think you’d be able to manage with 13 Golden Retrievers?

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