'Texas people invented it?': Korean parents try chili for the first time in viral video


A TikTok video of South Korean parents trying chili for the first time — and loving it — has gone viral.

Uploaded by on Feb. 17 by Grace Park (@crazykoreancooking), the video shows her parents, who are initially intrigued by the new dish, quickly digging in with gusto.

“Texas people invented it?” Park’s father asks before taking his first bite.

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Comparing it to bibimbap — a traditional South Korean dish that mixes rice, meat, vegetables and other ingredients — the married couple sprinkle in their own cultural foods, such as seaweed and kimchi, with the chili.

The additions to the traditional Texan dish awed many of Park’s viewers.

“They just upped the chili game with the seaweed and kimchi,” one TikTok user commented.

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“Next time I make chili I’m 100% trying it with seaweed and kimchi,” another user wrote.

Helping themselves to multiple servings, much of the viral clip is filled with sounds of appreciation and enjoyment.

“Why did you hide such delicious food from me all this time,” Park’s father jokingly questions.

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By the end of the video, Park’s parents seem to have mastered the art of eating chili, making sure to sprinkle crushed tortilla chips over their chili and baked potato combination. Leaving empty dishes and potato skins in their wake, Park’s father declares, “Life in America is pretty good!”

Park’s video quickly went viral, with over 9.1 million views and 1.8 million likes as of this writing.

“I love your dad! He be putting it away,” one user wrote.

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“Ur dad was feeling it thats how you kno that chili was awesome,” another wrote.

“If you happened to see this, would you please tell your parents that they are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us,” a different TikTok user commented.