Texas ramps up rollout with mass vaccination hubs

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says the state should be able to rapidly increase the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations by using new mass hubs for getting shots. (Jan. 11)

Video Transcript

GREG ABBOTT: In just the past few weeks, we've expanded the categories of Texans who are eligible for the vaccine. Category 1A, the first category, primarily focused on the frontline health care providers and anybody else who works in the frontline category of providing health care in the state of Texas. As you know, we've now opened up an additional category, and that is anybody over the age of 65 or older, or people under the age of 65 who face or deal with certain chronic health care conditions that have been pre-identified. But we've shifted the model from an extreme large number of vaccination distributors to a smaller number who have the capability of providing a extremely large number of vaccines very quickly.

- [INAUDIBLE] I feel great.

GREG ABBOTT: It's a piece of cake.

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