Texas Seeing Lowest COVID-19 Positivity Rate In A Year, Gov. Abbott Says

Gov. Greg Abbott highlighted that positive COVID-19 tests are at their lowest levels in a year and that hospitalizations are at their lowest since October.

Video Transcript

- There's good news to report on recent COVID-19 trends. The governor says positive COVID tests are now at their lowest levels in a year and hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. As Jason Allen reports, it's happening weeks after most state restrictions were lifted.

JASON ALLEN: The wait for a vaccine shot is getting shorter, some of the public COVID testing facilities are seeing now less than 50 people a day, and Governor Abbott highlighted some of those accomplishments in a statement on Twitter, posting that Texas has its lowest COVID positivity rate in a year, at 5.68%, that hospitalizations went down to their lowest level in five months, and that vaccine supplies are increasing. That positivity rate dropped another 2/10 of a point today.

And this is happening more than three weeks since some of the local mask orders went away. It's been two weeks since spring break started. Not all health officials, though, are ready to share the governor's optimism.

VINNY TANEJA: And the timing of all of this is a little worrisome, because now we had spring break and St. Patrick's Day. And you all saw the coverage. I mean, people are people. They gathered. Now I'm worried, what is the next two or three weeks going to bring? Hopefully, not a big surge, but we're going to see some numbers increase.

JASON ALLEN: And the drop in hospitalizations appears to have plateaued, he said. Although data out today shows they are back down to levels we saw last June.

Officials can agree that the next opening, getting these vaccine sites open to more people starting Monday, is something they hope will keep the virus numbers moving in the right direction.

In Fort Worth, Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.