New Texas-Style BBQ Restaurant Opens In Danville

Nikki Gaskins

DANVILLE, CA — During a time when many business owners are closing up shop or struggling to stay afloat, the owners of a new restaurant in Danville are not letting a pandemic stop them from serving up some good Texas-style barbeque.

"This has been a few years in the making, so it's amazing to see it all come to life now," said Justine Harrigan, who is married to one of the restaurant's owners, Brendan Harrigan.

Hazy Barbecue, which opened its doors for business Dec. 15, is the brain child of brothers, Sean and Brendan Harrigan. The duo, who grew up in Danville, have always been passionate about BBQ, family and beer, according to Justine. So in 2018, they brought that passion to life when they decided to bring Hazy Barbecue to their hometown.

Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue
Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue

"Years ago they noticed that our area was lacking a solid BBQ restaurant and started conceptualizing the idea of their ideal restaurant—one they would enjoy hanging out at themselves," Justine said. "They traveled to numerous BBQ hotspots across the country to research barbeque and decided to bring their concept to life in their hometown of Danville. We want Hazy to feel family friendly and like home."

The journey to getting up and running wasn't exactly easy, Justine admitted. However, despite a few obstacles the family faced due to the coronavirus, giving up just wasn't in the cards. They kept chugging along to opening day.

"This was years in the making, so no turning back now. Although it's not normal to open a business during these times, we've had tremendous support from the local community," Justin said.

Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue
Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue

Due to the pandemic, the team had to alter its initial concept because of shelter in place restrictions to just take out for the time being.

"We take the protocols seriously. We have markers for social distancing to keep six feet apart between customers, hand sanitizer, plexiglass up, masks required. We also offer online pre-ordering to avoid having to wait in a line," she said. "We look forward to dining resuming and providing the community with the full Hazy experience."

Specializing in Texas-style barbeque, the restaurant features smoked meats with signature dry rubs over California oak wood fires.

Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue
Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue

"Since this is California we wanted to be cognizant of all types of eaters and food preferences," Justine said. "We offer numerous vegetarian and vegan options, as well as different types of salads. We have a smoked jackfruit for the non-meat eater, if they are looking for something smoked."

The restaurant also boasts a whopping 36 beers on tap.

"There's a reason the restaurant is called Hazy...for our Hazy IPAs!" Justine said. "Not all 36 taps are Hazy IPAs though, we have other beers, wine on tap and batch cocktails. We also have a signature Frozen jack and coke that is a crowd pleaser."

Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue
Courtesy: Juliana Jason/Hazy Barbecue

Currently, the restaurant is in the middle of rolling out new menu options and specials, Justine said. This weekend, the restaurant will launch its new Dinosaur Hazy Beef Ribs.

"We look forward to our full menu launching and hosting private events at Hazy later this year when things resume," Justine added.

The restaurant is located at 200 Hartz Ave. in Danville. To learn more, visit

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