If Texas women are forced to give birth, men who impregnated them need to pay up, too

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That old rape ‘joke’ will be real

Remember Clayton Williams’ rape “joke” when he was running for governor in 1990? He said that if rape was inevitable, women should “relax and enjoy it.” It helped him lose the race.

The new trigger law to outlaw nearly all abortions in Texas if Roe vs. Wade is overturned will turn Williams’ “joke” into reality for impoverished Texas women who are raped then denied access to abortion.

Perhaps it is inevitable that this unjust law will take effect. But if it must, why not add protections for babies after they are born? It does not need to be inevitable that these infants have access to only their moms’ often-meager resources. Let’s establish mandatory child support from fathers, including inheritance rights, verified by DNA testing.

- David Cory, Fort Worth

‘Mental health’ is a cop-out

Nothing Republicans or Democrats suggest would have prevented the massacre of schoolchildren and teachers in Uvalde.

A bullied 18-year-old was able to legally buy military-style rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition. It’s a cop-out when politicians say, “It’s not a gun issue, it’s a mental health issue.” These same legislators have starved Texas’ public mental health system. Even if there were adequate care in a small town such as Uvalde, there’s no guarantee the shooter would have availed himself of it.

Since he wasn’t a felon and hadn’t been hospitalized with a mental illness, background checks didn’t stop him.

The elephant in the room is that almost any American with a grudge can buy as many guns and bullets as he can afford.

- Barry Shlachter, Fort Worth

Clearly, our system isn’t working

It is one thing to enact a policy only to be disappointed by the results. It is another altogether to see the results and defend the policy anyway. Anyone who defends current gun policy in Texas after the many mass shootings here is as responsible for the deadly results as the men who pull the triggers.

- Chris Bellomy, Fort Worth

O’Rourke earned his frustration

I wonder what Ryan J. Rusak was doing in the hours before he wrote his trashy opinion on Beto O’Rourke taking a stand for commonsense gun reform. (May 27, 21A, “With wild disruption of Uvalde event, Beto O’Rourke proves again that it’s all about him”) Was he, like O’Rourke, spending time in the living rooms of parents whose children had just been brutally and senselessly murdered?

O’Rourke’s confrontation of Gov. Greg Abbott was entirely appropriate and long overdue. If my child were ever murdered, I would pray for someone to stand up in a meaningful way, unlike those who offer all the “thoughts and prayers” and opinion columnists who armchair quarterback while doing nothing.

- Katie Martinez, Fort Worth

Best of a bad situation

My wife, a friend and I recently set out our chairs at Levitt Pavilion in Arlington before a concert, and we started to walk to a restaurant. Just south of the intersection of South and Mesquite streets, two cars collided and one hit our friend, whose leg became entrapped under the left wheel.

Within a few minutes the police, firefighters and EMTs were attending to the wounded, including myself. They were professional and gave good care to our friend, who was the only one with severe injuries.

We should all be proud of the fact that Arlington has such professional and caring people doing these jobs.

- Floyd Ostrom, Arlington