Thai dogs rescued, given new lease on life in America

From the streets of Thailand to a home in America and a lifetime as someone's best friend; it's hard to imagine a luckier seven than this bunch of dogs now up for adoption at 'Wag More Pet Rescue.'

Video Transcript

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- A bed hotel and Studio City has just welcomed seven new dogs all the way from Thailand. They were rescued off the streets and are now being given a new lease on life.

- Hi, John Gregory, where he introduces us to the woman behind the rescue who was intent on saving as many dogs as she can. It's today's All Good News.

- You made it.

JOHN GREGORY: After two days of travel by air from Thailand, these dogs are dog tired. But lives about to get a whole lot better for them, now that they're back on firm ground in Los Angeles.

MELISSA BACELAR: And we are getting 7 dogs off the streets of Thailand, bringing them to the United States, and finding them homes.

JOHN GREGORY: Melissa runs Wag More Pet Rescue in Studio City. She wanted to help because Thailand has thousands of street dogs. And many of them end up being slaughtered for food.

MELISSA BACELAR: The dogs on the street often end up in different meat markets in the area. They end up just dying on the streets. So it's really important to get them out of there and find them homes.

JOHN GREGORY: And these dogs should have no trouble finding homes.

MELISSA BACELAR: So we have seven amazing dogs coming in. They're all mixed breed. They're all friendly, soy dog treats them, does behavioral work on them. So they are coming in to the United States ready to be adopted, fully vaccinated, fully like everything, ready to go.

JOHN GREGORY: From the streets of Thailand to a home in America from a future someone's next meal to a lifetime as somebody's best friend. It's hard to imagine a luckier seven than this bunch. John Gregory, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

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