Thai man refuses government help, lives in tree for 3 years


A 38-year-old Thai man has lived in a tree for three years out of embarrassment.

Known as Charlie, the man is currently living in a tree in the Isaan province of Udon Thani out of financial embarrassment, reported The Thaiger. Located 10 meters (approximately 33 feet) off the ground, Charlie constructed a roofless platform out of wood, ropes and plastic sheets.

Describing his life as “simple,” Charlie stated he goes to work if hired, but heads to the temple for food if he is unable to find work.

On Friday, photos of Charlie were uploaded to Facebook. In the caption, the user revealed the aid Charlie required, including a mosquito net, a solar light, dry food, mosquito repellent, house registration and a job.

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The uploader also clarified that Charlie is content with his current tree accommodations. “Charlie is still happy and satisfied,” they wrote.

When interviewed by media outlets the same day, Charlie revealed he previously worked in Bangkok.

Although he had been able to provide for himself and his family, the pandemic’s negative impact on the economy forced the man to return to his hometown, Khon Kaen.

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However, after failing in Khon Kaen, Charlie moved to his current living location for more opportunities. As his salary failed to create stable living conditions, Charlie decided to pay off his debts and live in a tree.

On Saturday, Charlie met with officers from the Protection Center for the Destitute and the Social Development and Human Security Ministry.

Although the officers suggested an accommodation for the homeless, Charlie refused to move and stated his preference for the tree house.

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Instead, the man requested a stable job, explaining that he did not want to be a burden to the government or any individual.

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